Source - Goldmines Dishoom

Surya is a youngster who cooks biriyani at a local market, he is a short tempered person then he meets Usha who save her from goons then he gives her lift to the drama studio then it is revealed that Usha is actually Nisha who is participating in drama. Cable Babu is a goon who wants to become a politician when his goons were burning a shop. They were all thrashed by Doddmane Rajeeva when his son Krishna does a mistake then Rajeeva humiliated him then Krishna join hands with Babu then babu robbed all the property papers that belong to the farmers then Rajeeva is arrested then Surya's father Mallanna gets a heart attack and he is admitted to the hospital then Surya calls patela. A local goon to request him for money and gets to know that Rajeeva is the target and Surya goes to prison to kill Rajeeva but Surya stabs a prisoner who was about to kill Rajeeva and he calls him Vajramuni and he is also sent to prison then it reveals that surya is Rajeeva's long lost son but Surya hates his father. He then reveals to Nisha that he hates his father because he did not care him in his childhood. Then Surya reconciles with the rest of his family and returns home Surya overcomes all the obstacles and traps done by Cable Babu. However, Nisha's father, a lawyer is also a criminal but gets caught when he mistakingly agrees to get a girl raped who turns out to be Nisha but Surya saves her but in the process gets drunk. Rajeeva reveals that he didn't care him because he promised his sister that he will always care for Krishna this is the case that he didn't care for Surya in his childhood then Cable Babu stabs Rajeeva. Surya thrashes Babu then throws in a tunnel then babu's assistant kills Babu by burying him inside the tunnel then he brought the farmers papers and Rajeeva soon recover, then he distributed the papers then the farmers realised there mistake and apologise to them.